About Us

At Cece's Capsules we're all about family! We strive to create products that both preserve family memories and help create new ones. Our family-based philosophy goes into each product we create, each carefully crafted to inspire deeper conversations and connections with one another for generations. 

Since we started, we’ve worked hard to bring families closer. Throughout holidays, birthdays, traditions, and rough times, Cece's Capsules products strive to hold families close, even when they may seem far away. 

Our first creation was the Christmas Capsule Ornament where we cultivated a new tradition in the goal of remembering past Christmases each holiday season. The ornamental chest with its miniature memory book is a personal favorite of us here at Cece's Capsules, it’s the perfect way to hide away a gift for next year, every year. 

Our next creation was the All-In-One Scrapbook Photo Album Collection, a series of albums that allows you to capsulize your family's best highlights of the year into a beautiful album that will allow you to see and revisit the growth and changes year after year.